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We want to know what you would like to know about us. This space is to interact with you and to receive your opinions and proposals about what we do.

This menu facilitates the interaction and intervention of all of you in the phases of the public management cycle, which goes beyond informing or summoning attendance to activities or services offered by the entity and is part of our mission.


Medellin Metro System is a public company to which the regime of Industrial and Commercial Companies of the State applies, which executes commercial activities in competition with the private sector, so it has exceptions in the implementation of the content of the Participa Menu, and the mechanisms of citizen participation described in Law 134 of 1994 are not applicable, such as: the legislative and regulatory popular initiative, the referendum; the Popular Consultation, the revocation of the mandate, the plebiscite and the open town hall. For this reason it does not formulate policies, so there is no citizen participation in its definition.

All our users, interest groups and citizens in general will be able to interact with us through our enabled channels, as well as through social control mechanisms such as citizen oversight.

The menu content is as follows:

We are interested in citizen participation.

If you have a request, complaint, claim, suggestion, complaint or congratulation (PQRSDF), please note that it will not be handled through this option.

To submit a petition, claim and complaints, request, or congratulations (PQRSDF) visit our customer service channels: