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What is Cívica?

In 2007, Valle de Aburrá Mass Transportation Company (Empresa de Transporte Masivo del Valle de Aburrá) began the implementation of Cívica for the collection and access to the METRO System, due to its economic, operational and environmental benefits compared to the paper ticket.

This Contactless Smart Card (CSD), allows you to store money to pay for your trips on the METRO, the Cables, the Buses of Lines O, 1 and 2, the Feeder routes of Cuencas 3, 6 and 7, on the Ayacucho tram and on the routes integrated to the System.


Save time

When you recharge more than $6,000 you save time and reduce your visits to points of sale.


Safety in your travels

By using your Civic Card you avoid carrying larger amounts of cash.


Save money

By personalizing your Card you benefit from differential rates according to your profile.

Types of Cívica card or users



Card marked with the user's data. It allows registration in profiles with preferential fares and access to the Cívica Benefits program. It is issued free of charge and if it is lost or stolen, the owner may request its blocking through the Hola METRO Line 4449598 to recover its balance, as long as it has not been used during the 24 hours following the loss.

People with disabilities

To access this profile, the interested must contact the Student Wellness Office of each educational institution, who will coordinate the assignment of the profile with the Student Ticket Office of the Mayor's Office of Medellin.


For people over 60 years old. At the time of personalization they must present their identification document.

Frequent user

All other users of the Personal Cívica Card, who do not belong to any of the above-mentioned preferential profiles.


Eventual or Tourist

The Eventual Cívica, designed for tourists and occasional passengers, allows access to the integrated fare in the modes of the Integrated Transport System of Valle de Aburrá and recharge the method of payment in the enabled channels such as internet and applications.

To get the Eventual Cívica, the passenger must pay $10,000 (colombian pesos) at the points of sale of the Metro system. The money recharged for the trips will be additional to the value of the plastic or card. This Eventual Cívica will be the property of the passenger and will allow the recharge of the balance required, so the payment of the $10,000 will be made only once per card.



The white Cívica Card is purchased only at the ticket offices of Line L stations (Santo Domingo and Arví). There are two types of cards that are assigned according to the Sisbén category.

Type 1

Entrance fee


Type 2

With Personalized Cívica in any profile and Sisbén 1, 2 or 3


Type 3

Accredited residents


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Get to know your city

We explain the steps you must follow to get your Cívica card and be able to enjoy all the tourist, cultural and gastronomic offers that the city has to offer.

How to recharge Cívica

Estas son las Opciones que tienes para recargar tu cívica


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136 Automatic reload machines


More than 1,200 external recharging points in Valle de Aburrá. See here

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Bancolombia A la mano: select the Recharge Cívica option in the app and enter the amount to be recharged.

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Nequi: download the free app on your phone and in the Cívica option charge the amount you want.

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App Cívica: enter the app, select the option Your Cívica Card and follow the steps.


Travel on credit: with your Personalized Cívica, the system will "lend" you the amount of a trip. Learn more