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Corporate Governance

Medellin Metro System has corporate governance, internal control, risk and ethics practices that aim at the sustainability of the company and the generation of trust for stakeholders.


Our Corporate Governance Code describes Medellin Metro System's corporate governance model, which is inspired by the Metro Culture as an enabler of our higher purpose: "We generate quality of life for people and integrate and transform territories, contributing to the sustainability of the region". The model has a series of principles and policies that allow the Company:

  • Define the responsibilities of the administrative and management bodies.
  • To have a control system that guarantees continuous improvement and effective risk and control management.
  • To guarantee that the contracting and provision of our services is carried out within the applicable regulatory framework.
  • To generate trust through the disclosure of information, framed within the principle of maximum disclosure of the regime of transparency and access to public information.
  • Adequately manage conflicts of interest that may arise.