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Community relations

Metro Culture is understood as the result of the social, educational and cultural management model that Metro has built, consolidated and provided to the city.


Community relations programs

Education and work with the community have been, since the beginning of METRO, the fundamental pillars of its social management. This has made it possible for human and social development to be expressed as a product of such management around the transportation system.

All the activities carried out are organized into three strategies:

  • Metro friends
  • Institutional committes
  • Community dialogue
  • Integration and coexistence sessions

Metro Friends

It's a social program that promotes the transformation of the territory in the city region.
It is designed for children, youth and adult neighbors of the System who, through playful and experiential methodologies with art, culture, sports and science, reflect and acquire tools to strengthen their civic competencies, life skills and relationships, having the Metro Culture as a framework for action.
On average, every year:
  1. 800 people participate in the Metro Friends hotbeds.
  2. 80,000,000 students trained in values and life skills in different educational institutions.
  3. 50 community metro culture sessions are held to promote social shielding in the environment.
  4. 100 participants in the Family School program where parents and caregivers of hotbeds members participate.
  5. 50 social dialogues with community leaders.
  6. 20,000 participants in digital literacy
  7. To view our annual performance, please see our Sustainability Reports.

Institutional committes

Strategic alliances are generated with different public and private institutions in areas with serious social problems, allowing us to improve the quality of life in a comprehensive way. Likewise, activities are promoted to reactivate the economy, promote tourism, culture and security, etc.

Community dialogue

Meetings are held with the communities to gather the community's concerns and proposals, as well as to confront the image and expectations of the citizens regarding the Company's actions.

Integration and coexistence sessions

These are actions carried out on a permanent basis, which allow interaction and the establishment of trusting relationships, as a commitment to coexistence and family and community integration. In this way, the Company generates and supports festivities, recreational events and cultural activities. The community Christmas, for example, is one of the spaces generated by Metro within the framework of this strategy.