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Suppliers and contractors

Medellin Metro System suppliers and contractors

In this section you will find the record of processes entered into by Valle de Aburrá Mass Transportation Company (Empresa de Transporte Masivo del Valle de Aburrá) To find out more information about them, click on the respective icon.


The information on contracts that are in the modalities of Private Request for Bid and Single Request for Bid, are published with a purely informative purpose and in compliance with current regulations to publicize the actions of the COMPANY. Consequently, the publications made are NOT intended to publicly summon interested persons in the processes of the present selection modalities, in accordance with the Contracting Regulations of the Company Resolution JD 151 DE 2017.

Documents of interest


As part of Medellin Metro System's innovation process, the Purchasing Management System was created, which allows traceability of information and documentation in a single place, at the click of a button, integrating the supply cycle in all its stages.

An essential component is the Suppliers Registry, which aims to collect information on all natural or legal persons wishing to have a contractual relationship with Medellin Metro System. The registered information will be used only for purposes related to the company's processes.

It is the supplier's responsibility to keep its profile information updated, as well as that of the users who will have access to the platform to interact in the different processes.

The supplier registry is a platform contracted and managed by the firm IntelCost S.A.S., which has developed it based on good market practices.

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