Who we are? Know the Metro System!

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Citizen culture driver and engine for innovation

In its years of commercial operation, Metro de Medellín is consolidated as an icon of Valle de Aburrá and as a means to integrate the citizens. This is thanks to Empresa de Transporte Masivo del Valle de Aburrá Ltda., the public sector company that manages Metro de Medellín, in making the Metropolitan Transit System much more than means of transportation that take people from one place to another. It made METRO a lifestyle and a place for social and cultural encounters. In order to materialize that purpose, Cultura METRO was created, and it became one of the Company’s distinctive characteristics.

As part of its commitment to improving Valle de Aburrá inhabitants’ quality of life, the Company has found the way to face the challenges posed by the geography of his mountainous region. In 2004, the first cable car system was inaugurated as an urban mobility solution to integrate the inhabitants of the mountainsides with the rest of the city. That was the beginning, but innovation did not stop there. Surrounding the cable car system, other urban structures were built, giving life to Integral Urban Planning which, more than just technological innovation, generated social innovation as well.

Metro’s transforming capability is one of the reasons why thousands of visitors from all over the world come to Medellín each year to see these processes firsthand. The Company also generates other positive impacts in society, such as driving research, development and innovation in working hand-in-hand with local companies and universities, which serves to preserve and increase railway knowledge, as this is the only Company in the country with that knowledge.

Today, Metro is an exemplary State-owned industrial, commercial company in administrative management as well as in social responsibility. It has received such significant acknowledgements as being recognized for 8 consecutive years as the most admired public sector company because of its favorability and good management, according to the citizen perception survey Medellín Cómo Vamos; and it ranked number 19 among the 100 top companies in Colombia, according to 2013 Merco Empresas ratings.