Sustainable Mobility

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Sustainable mobility is a principle that covers multiple dimensions of social development. However, for METRO, it is a concept that has been gradually built since the beginning of its operation.

Innovation, corporate management, permanent research and analysis of the world’s best practices, among other factors, have formed METRO’s own view regarding sustainable mobility. Its effect is reflected in a quick, safe and efficient service that improves people’s quality of life and represents modern means of transportation with environmental standards and sustainable development.

Only this way, it will be possible to guarantee that the new generations inherit a planet with enough resources. Therefore, it’s a vision towards the future. To prepare oneself from today for a future with chances of good life.


In METRO, sustainable mobility is practiced in six areas:

  • Environmental sustainability.
  • Social management and inclusion.
  • Implementation of long-term transportation systems.
  • Unifying and integrating system of the territory.
  • Generation of resources and road safety.
  • Strategy of integrated urban mobility.

To learn more about sustainable mobility, go to online edition of Revista METRO “Movilidad Sostenible” (available only in Spanish).