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Sustainable mobility

Sustainable Mobility is a principle that encompasses multiple dimensions of social development. However, for the Metro, it is a concept that has been built throughout its operation.


What are our sustainable mobility efforts? Let us show you!

Innovation, corporate management, constant research, analysis of the best practices in the world, among other factors, have formed Metro's own vision of Sustainable Mobility. Its effect is reflected in the way the population has the guarantees to move in a fast, safe and efficient way that improves their quality of life and offers modern modes of transportation with environmental standards and sustainable development. This is the only way to ensure that new generations inherit a planet with available resources. It is therefore a vision of the future. Prepare from today for a tomorrow with possibilities of a dignified life.

At METRO, sustainable mobility is applied in six areas:

  1. Environmental Sustainability.
  2. Management and social inclusion.
  3. Implementation of long-term transportation systems.
  4. Articulating and integrating system of the territory.
  5. Generation of support and road safety.
  6. Integrated urban mobility strategy.

Environmental policy

Within the commitments that the Company assumes with the environmental sustainability of the planet, the legal requirements that apply to its activities and those acquired under the ISO 14001:2015 standard, it is established that:

The Company, as one of the actors of sustainable mobility in the region, responsibly manages each of the natural resources involved in the operation of the system and seeks to promote and manage sustainability from the corporate strategy, through the implementation of initiatives that focus on the continuous improvement of environmental performance in harmony with social management and economic balance.

To this end, the Company is committed to:

  • Make use of the natural resources required for the operation of the system under the concepts of cleaner production and eco-efficiency, acting proactively to control, prevent, mitigate, compensate and enhance the environmental impacts generated by the provision of the service.
  • Incorporate climate change management in the Company in terms of adaptation and mitigation, according to the guidelines established in the national climate change policy and according to commitments made at COP21. Contributing to the atmospheric decontamination of Valle de Aburrá with the promotion, construction and operation of transportation corridors with clean technology.
  • To promote the acquisition of goods and services under the concept of sustainable public procurement, in accordance with the National Policy on Sustainable Production and Consumption, fostering a culture of sustainable consumption and productive transformation.
  • Promote sustainable construction for the infrastructure projects developed by the Company.
  • Ensure compliance with legal and other requirements and compliance with voluntary commitments acquired in the area of environmental management.
  • Promote among interest groups a culture of care and protection of natural resources, good environmental practices and awareness of the current state of the environmental impacts generated.
  • Participate with different institutions for the preservation of ecologically important areas.