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Cultural programs

Cultural events are also protagonists in the Metro. These are some of the programs that the Company promotes, separated into two important themes:

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Cultural agenda

The cultural agenda that Medellin Metro System brings to stations and plazas seeks to bring citizens closer to different cultural expressions that favor the development of cultural values, such as creativity, sensitivity, expressiveness and knowledge. It is a way to honor the collective memory generating appropriation and sense of belonging.

Metro Art - Exhibition spaces

At the Suramericana and Itagüí Stations, there are two exhibition spaces where users can enjoy monthly exhibitions of painting, photography, drawing, among other artistic expressions. These are scenarios to exalt the plastic arts and serve as a showcase and platform for emerging or consolidated artists of the city.


Culture trains

The Culture Trains travel through the city region exalting representative works or paying tribute to illustrious personalities of culture, literature and art.

They are bridges to stimulating content and individual reflections based on the artists' contributions to diverse cultural expressions. These trains bring our users closer to both the iconic characters and their creations: to their life and work.

The first was inaugurated in 2000 with the signature of the master Fernando Botero. León de Greiff, Profirio Barba Jacob, Tomás Carrasquilla, Francisco Antonio Cano, Fernando González, Débora Arango, Belisario Betancur have been some of the people honored. As well as the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Nadaísmo, the 30th anniversary of Cultura Metro, the Book and Culture Festival, among others.

Reading and writing promotion


Reading promotion program in partnership with the Metro and Comfama, consisting of libraries located in the San Antonio, Niquía, Itagui, El Pinal and Santo Domingo stations. In addition to borrowing books free of charge, users can access digital literacy courses and enjoy a varied and permanent literary program.

Rolling words:

Reading promotion program in alliance with Metro and Comfama. It is a collection of paperback books that are distributed in the stations of the system generating a proposal of dialogue between authors and readers from all over Valle de Aburrá who, once read, share it with other users of the system to create a community of citizens united by the invisible threads of imagination, solidarity and hope. Local, national and universal authors; men and women; classics and moderns; short stories, novels, essays, poetry, chronicles, are the genres of the titles that have been published and that already exceed one million copies in circulation.


Afternoon concerts

This program is carried out in association with different public and private cultural institutions of the city. It consists of concerts of different musical genres, which take place in the afternoon hours in different stations of the system.