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Ever since the beginning of its commercial operation, Medellin Metro has been consolidated as one of Aburrá Valley's icons and as a citizens' integrator. This is mainly due to the fact that Empresa de Transporte Masivo del Valle de Aburrá Ltda., the state-owned company in charge of its operation, has ensured that besides being a commuting service, it becomes a way of life and a place for social and cultural gathering. To turn this objective Into reality, Metro Culture was created and it has become a definite differentiator.

As part of its commitment to the quality of life of AburrA Valley's population, the Company has sought ways to overcome obstacles caused by the vastly mountainous geography around this region. In order to integrate the population of the hillsides to the rest of the city, in 2004 the first cable car transportation system was put into service as a commuting solution. It was a beginning and innovation never stopped there. Additional to cable cars, other types of urban equipment were being built through the so-called Integrated Urban Plans generating more social innovation than technological innovation.


Metro transforming capacity is one of the reasons why year after year thousands of visitors from around the world visit the system to see these processes by themselves. The Company generates additional positive impacts on the society, encouraging research, development, and innovation working with local colleges and companies to preserve and increase railroad knowledge, being the only company countrywide that has it.

Today, Metro is an industrial and commercial exemplary state-owned company, both in terms of managerial and corporate social responsibility terms. Awareness as meaningful as the most admired state-owned company in Medellin population perception Poll Um° Vamos [How are we doing?' and being part of the 100 most reputable companies countrywide according to Merco Empresas ranking.