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Metro Culture is the construction of civic culture framed by own-respect, respect for others, and respect for urban furnishing encouraging people to live in harmony, proper behavior, solidarity, system use norm compliance, and proper use of the spaces around the city.

It started with a series of communication actions developed since 1988, seven years before the commercial operation started in order to raise future users' awareness on taking care of the system and the importance of complying with behavioral norms through persuasive and purposeful language. These initial activities have been complemented with activities among the communities in the impact area, such as Amigos Metro [Metro Friends] which seeks to encourage child and youngster values, and Escuela de Lideres [Leaders' School] directed to neighborhood leaders. Thus, Metro has become both educator and trainer: a real togetherness creator.

These benefits for commuters, and the population in general, along the excellent condition trains and stations have, create a sense of belonging. By offering a high-quality service, Metro dignifies state property and generates norm compliance and facility care.

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