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Juan Carlos Torres Ojeda

Secretary of Mobility of the District of Medellín

Work Experience

Former officer of the National Police of Colombia in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, with a professional degree as police administrator, specialist in project management, also in public safety; in addition to different diplomas in pedagogy and teaching, customs and tax legislation, educational management and state contracting.


During 27 years of service in the Colombian National Police, and through the different positions and responsibilities led, he acquired experience and training in different fields and aspects, gaining extensive experience as a public servant, demonstrating ability to lead teams, always based on responsibility, transparency and dedication to service; building, promoting and leading projects of great importance for the different regions. With outstanding capacity to manage communication with different state and private entities articulating efforts.

Extensive experience in the field of education and research as director of a training school, guiding research and education training processes.

Knowledge, capacity and experience in matters related to traffic, transportation and road safety acquired as sectional head of traffic and transportation of the department of Antioquia and the city of Medellin.

Ability to interact with communities for the execution of plans and projects, as well as for mediation and conflict resolution.

Great knowledge in the administrative management of the different units led in terms of personnel management, service planning, execution and allocation of resources.