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Medellín Metro

Welcome to Negocios Metro de Medellín, where we face the constant challenge of finding sustainable sources of financing to drive our operations.

Throughout our trajectory, we have achieved remarkable progress in non-tariff revenue generation, moving from 3.5% to 10.5% by 2022. This strategy has proven to be fundamental to our strategic direction and the pursuit of our ambitious corporate goal.

We now have a solid business plan that projects non-fare revenues of $705,958 by 2027, representing 20% of our total revenues. This is a big step forward compared to the revenues generated by tariffs.

Our vision for 2030 is clear and focused. We are focused on strengthening the corporate and administrative side of our non-fare businesses to be competitive, innovative and efficient. We believe in the importance of sustainable mobility as a service, and we seek to position ourselves in the national and Latin American market through the integration of multimodality, technology and, above all, our human resources.

Our purpose is to satisfy the requirements of the different stakeholders, while achieving 15% of revenues from our non-fare businesses and reaching an EBITDA of 23% of the Company's revenues during the 2021-2025 period. All of this is fundamental to ensure the financial sustainability of our company, allowing us to continue offering a quality service to our community.

In Negocios Metro de Medellín, we are