Strategic plan

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The Strategic Statement is set forth in the 2011–2015 Strategic Plan comprised by:

  • Strategic objectives: represent the strategic positions that the Company aims to have in the nearby future. They should be simple, attainable, measurable and challenging.
  • Strategic instigators: are the actions that the Company must carry out in order to instigate and meet the strategic objectives. They are divided into projects and process operational plans.
  • Contribution plans: are each area’s set of coordinated activities that contribute to carrying out the projects and/or process operational plans with limitations such as time, costs, and resources.

Compliance follow-up of the Strategic Plan is done through the annual company report. To view the reports, click here.

Pursuant to 2011 Law 1474 of the Anticorruption Statute (Article 74 "Action Plan"), METRO’s Strategic Plan is hereby published.