Recommendations for using the metro system

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  • Purchase your ticket faster by paying in exact change and keep your ticket in good condition. This is indispensible for entering the Metropolitan Transit System.


  • Stand behind the yellow line until the train comes to a full stop and opens its doors.
  • Upon hearing the signal for doors closing, do not try to enter or exit the train.
  •  The red button and the blue lever must only be used in case of emergency.
  •  Should any object fall to the railway, immediately seek help from Metro personnel. Do not try to retrieve the object yourself.
  •  Always use the stairs to change platforms. The rail areas are meant for train transit only.
  •  For their safety, children must be holding the hand of an adult at all times inside the system.
  •  Avoid placing your hands on or leaning against the train doors.


  • For faster, safer entry to the train, let arriving passengers exit the train first.
  • Do not enter the Metropolitan Transit System while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • To allow arriving passengers into the train, stand on both sides of the doors.
  • For your health and everybody’s safety, smoking is not allowed inside the stations.
  • Travel by metropolitan train carrying small, light hand-held articles.
  • Give special treatment to pregnant women, elderly persons, persons with reduced mobility, and persons carrying small children.
  • Dispose of the trash in its proper place.
  • Keeping the METRO system clean is very easy. Finish your food or beverage before entering the stations.