Principles and Values

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  1. Sustainable mobility.
  2. Generation of economic value, social value, and environmental value.
  3. Financial sustainability.


  • Commitment: To commit is more than to meet an obligation; it is to put the Company’s capabilities to the test in order to forward everything that is entrusted to the Company. A committed person meets his or her obligations while giving a little extra. Part of METRO employees’ work commitment is to update their knowledge aimed at professional development. A committed person is happy with his or her work to the point that commitment is not seen as a burden but as an ideal means to develop his or her professional life through servicing others.
  • Respect: Respect is the fundamental basis for healthy, peaceful coexistence among the members of a society. To practice respect, it is essential to have clear understanding of each persons’ fundamental rights, among which the number one is the right to live. Other very important rights are the right to freedom, and the right to own personal property, to mention only a few which are crucial for living with pride and dignity. Respect encompasses all aspects of life starting with self-respect, respect toward others, respect toward all living beings and nature in general, respect for the Law, respect for social rules and regulations, and respect for our country.
  • Service: Service is an inter-personal process that includes respect; not so much in the affective sense but aimed at meeting the expectations of the customers or users. High quality service means that customer needs have been satisfied with added value. Among the basic principles of service there is customer satisfaction, which is the intention to sell satisfaction beyond products. Company employees must understand that in each place of work or gathering spot people have something interesting to contribute and teach that is worth discovering.
  • Responsibility: Responsibility is beings aware of the consequences that come with our actions or inactions regarding ourselves and others. A job well done and delivered on time is synonymous with responsibility. Responsibility guarantees compliance with commitments made and it generates trust and confidence among people.
  • Solidarity: Solidarity is the mutual aid that must exist among people. When two or more persons unite and collaborate to meet a common goal, there is solidarity. This is a highly transcendent value.
  • Honesty: When a human being is honest he or she behaves in a transparent manner with his or her peers, meaning that the person hides nothing, and this makes the person confident. Honest persons take nothing that does not belong to them, spiritual or material. Any project can be accomplished when working with honest persons and collective trust becomes a valuable strength.
  • Loyalty: Loyalty has to do with a feeling of attachment, fidelity and respect inspired by those we love or by ideas we identify with. Loyal persons have a high sense of commitment and this enables them to be affectionately constant and to keep their word. There are many things that inspire and deserve loyalty; one of the most important ones is a person’s employer.