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Bellow are Empresa de Transporte Masivo del Valle de Aburrá’s Company Reports containing financial management, social management, environmental management, and internal company management information for the metropolitan area of Valle de Aburrá and nearby municipalities. Such documents address important issues and the expectations of the Company’s interest groups. Furthermore, it covers the main impacts of METRO management through all of its areas and offices, and it includes the evolution of the Company’s short-term, medium-term, and long-term commitments. 

The data in numbers represents a small portion compared to the millions of experiences, stories, decisions, agreements, and wishes that take place in the Valle de Aburrá mass transit system; but they are very meaningful because they are proof of the big commitment made by a leading company in the public sector and in the mass transportation sector, which works tirelessly to improve the users’ life quality and drives industrial, regional and national growth. 

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