Operation and maintenance of cable cars trains and buses

Line title

Cable Car

  • Preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and major maintenance
  • Accompaniment and referencing for cable car system operation
  • Creation of internal operation rules and regulations
  • Calculation of the personnel required for operation
  • Instructional activities for operations personnel (training)
  • Integral safety plan: How to handle eventualities and externalities (risk mapping)
  • Cable car system situation diagnoses and recommendations.

Metropolitan Trains

  • Maintenance: preventive, corrective, major, and predictive 
  • Tools and equipment 
  • Basic information regarding train technology 
  • Accompaniment in operations 
  • Traffic operation and planning 
  • Railroad tracks and catenary assembly 
  • Railroad track shifting machine repair 
  • Formation in energy supply and in passenger substations and traction substations 
  • Traffic Management Systems operation and maintenance 
  • Radio, loudspeaker and CCTV design and installation 
  • Management of events that affect normal system operations 
  • Major city event management


  • Efficient fleet exploitation 
  • Routine maintenance scheduling 
  • Transit Logistics Center operation (bus yard - repair shop)
  • Feeder system award and procurement or negotiations with the transportation committee 
  • Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV) passenger transportation vehicle experience and operational advantage.